Year End Q&A With William Haney, CEO, BI-SAM

Posted by Erika Alter, Global Head of Commercial Strategy, BISAM on Dec 15, 2015 9:30:00 AM
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For this month's blog series of year-end retrospect and 2016 predictions, I sat down with BI-SAM's CEO Bill Haney for a look back at 2015, and his views on what the future holds in 2016 for BI-SAM, our clients, and the industry overall. Following is our Q&A.

Year End Q&A With William Haney, CEO, BI-SAM

Earlier this year you outlined five aspirations for investment performance teams:

  1. Eradicate manual processing
  2. Provide new insights into sources of alpha
  3. Leverage digital distribution channels
  4. Empower performance analysts to deliver more value
  5. Create a best practice culture
Have you seen any progress toward these goals over the last year?

Many of our clients are actively engaged, across both business and technology functions, in outlining their medium-to-long term digital distribution goals and architectures. This is the case not only with regard to internal distribution and processes, but also in response to greater mandates from their investors for "on-demand" digital access. This engagement has been especially helpful for BI-SAM because it has given us more input into our own vision and roadmap, which our clients have seen first hand during this year's user group sessions. 

What surprised you in 2015?

Given that volatility in the markets appears to be the new normal, Risk has become an increasing ask alongside performance analytics. It is a requirement that we are hearing from our clients and prospects alike.

Expanding your view beyond performance measurement, what do you think will be a major trend in 2016?

Tying back to my previous answer, the industry and all supporting systems and analytics need to wrestle with an increased structural level of volatility. This will be an ever-increasing requirement as we move into 2016.

When you look back at your role as CEO over the last year, what are you most proud of?

As I mentioned, our collaboration with clients on many levels is key to further improving our service and support, outlining future product roadmaps and understanding the trends that drive their thinking and operations. I’m proud of the many steps we have taken toward forging even stronger relationships with our clients and broadening our presence globally and across market segments. This has benefited BI-SAM across a number of our teams, and ensures we are set up to further innovate for our clients in 2016.

Waters Technology’s Victor Anderson, in recognition of BI-SAM’s once again being named by Buy Side Technology as the Best Buy-Side Performance Measurement and Attribution Product wrote this:

“That BI-SAM walks away with its eighth straight win in this intensely competitive category, speaks volumes about its knowledge of the intricacies of the subject, its attention to detail from both a service and technology perspective, and its ability to sign new clients, and crucially, retain existing ones.”

So what can BI-SAM’s clients and the global industry look forward to from BI-SAM in 2016, in terms of further innovations in technology and service?

We will take a material step forward in expanding BI-SAM’s offerings more broadly into portfolio analytics, while expanding our global footprint and bringing continued insight to the industry. Watch this space for more.


Attention Readers: what are your key takeaways from 2015, and your predictions for 2016? BI-SAM invites you to submit your comments to our editors below, or anonymously via this link.  We’ll include a summary of ideas and predictions with the final post of the year.

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