The Elegance of Simplicity: Basic Tenets of Technology

Posted by Sean Murray, Director of Product Strategy, BISAM on Mar 1, 2017 8:30:00 AM
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I recently saw the movie La La Land, and it got me thinking about the current state of technology in our industry.  You’re probably thinking “he’s nuts - how could a blockbuster musical possibly align with technology in our industry?”  Easy: the elegance of simplicity.

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The Top Three Basic Tenets of Technology for Performance Measurement, Attribution and Risk Management

La La Land opens with a catchy song and dance number, a throwback to movies from the 1950s (including a nod to the fact that the movie was shot on film - CinemaScope to be specific - as opposed to most modern films that are shot digitally and then enhanced with CGI). In the case of La La Land, the director's use of light and color, accentuated by his use of actual film, focuses the viewer on the story - a veritable throw back to simpler times.

So What Does This Have to Do With Buy-Side Portfolio Analytics?

If you closely follow the news generated by the providers in our industry, you might think we have abandoned the simple basics. There is so much focus on innovating the next new thing, it makes one question, have we all but abandoned the elegance of simplicity?

There is no doubt our industry is evolving - regulatory pressures, the quest for new business, the ever increasing expectations of the investor - asset managers and vendors alike must innovate to compete. However, this can’t be at the expense of the basics. I would suggest there are some basic tenets to which we must adhere, illustrated above for your consideration. I welcome your comments via the form below.


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