Five Competencies that Investors Should Expect From Their Asset Managers

Posted by Erika Alter, Global Head of Commercial Strategy, BISAM on Sep 28, 2016 8:00:00 AM
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Meeting the needs of institutional clients is of course a key focus for asset management organizations, and those needs are becoming more sophisticated and more challenging.  The reporting model between asset managers and their institutional clients used to be a ‘standardized push’ model in which clients were given whatever information their managers could provide, when they could provide it, and in the format that they could provide. That’s all changed. Today’s reporting model is a ‘customized pull’ model, with the clients dictating what should be delivered, when and how.

So in this New World of performance and risk reporting, what are the key competencies that institutional clients should expect from their asset managers when it comes to reporting on performance and risk? We asked industry expert Peter Ellis to summarize in five tidy takeaways.


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