"Buy vs Build" in Performance Analytics

To build or to buy? As solution providers, this is an ongoing debate and one for which we certainly have a particular opinion. BISAM regularly speaks with firms to help them answer the question: when it comes to Performance and Risk solutions, should we buy, build or both? And as we’ve all seen in more recent years, the trend has clearly leaned towards the “BUY” of the equation, as outlined notably during the latest Buy-Side Technology North American Summit.

When it comes to Buy or Build, there are a number of things to consider: What is the required time to market? Does the organization have the right skillset? What will be the Total Cost of Ownership for the platform? Etc.

BISAM addressed these points in a detailed white paper just a couple of years ago, and the arguments remain fresh and current in favor of the “buy” trend.

Buy VS Build in Performance Analytics.jpg

Buy_Vs_Build.pngClick below to download the white paper written by PK Consulting « The New Age of Buy vs Build in Asset Management »



Topics: Market Trends, Performance & Attribution

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