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Posted by Erika Alter, Global Head of Commercial Strategy, BISAM on Jan 4, 2017 8:01:55 AM
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In 2016, the BISAM Professional Services team launched its Future State Initiative, a project dedicated solely to continuously improving and advancing the implementation process through the development of an implementation toolkit comprised of best practices and frameworks. This initiative has empowered the Professional Services team in their ongoing efforts to steadily reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve consistency of BISAM solution implementations. Following is a summary of the initiative, as outlined by Tamara Palamakumbura. Tamara manages BISAM's UK and Northern European implementation team, and has expertly led the Future State Initiative for BISAM.

Broken up into six-week iterations, the entire BISAM team had the opportunity to contribute their ideas as to what they thought would be the best solution for continuing to improve the implementation process. Their ideas were submitted to a committee of customer-facing BISAM team members who then chose the best solution for the respective iteration. This project enabled involvement from the entire BISAM team, which in turn, allowed a diversified collection of ideas to flow in.

The first iteration we launched was related to data readiness, which is essential to the implementation process. Preparing and gathering data in a solution-friendly format is one of the most time consuming aspects of a standard implementation, and the Professional Services team knew that they must find a solution to this challenge. Acquiring the tools to help consultants and customers assess data readiness in advance, aids in the process of reducing the time and cost of an implementation. So to further improve implementation efficiency, a data readiness tool was developed to catch inconsistencies or issues in data early on, preventing roadblocks deeper into the implementation process. The approach looks for consistency between files, consistency of formats, and also provides additional checks based on ‘functional’ logic. Through the data readiness initiative, the Professional Services team has empowered customers to check and resolve data issues earlier and with less support required from BISAM. Overall, the data readiness iteration enabled more efficient and cost effective implementations.

The theme of the next Future State iteration was related to data requirements. The Professional Services team found that despite BISAM's ability to meet customers' complex needs, articulating data requirements was not an easy feat. They realized that the ability to quickly and accurately translate customers’ needs to data requirements was fundamental to their ability to efficiently implement B-One. The winning idea to solve this problem was to develop a Data Requirements database. The development of the database provides consistency across implementations, improving accuracy and cutting time spent on data requirements.

BISAM’s implementation toolset continually evolves as the Professional Services team disseminates their knowledge and collates feedback. The Professional Services team strives to ensure that they leverage lessons learned and experienced throughout their teams in all regions. Through their collective knowledge and experience, the team has put together a series of tools, best practices, and frameworks that have significantly enhanced the implementation process. Designed to fast track implementations, these targeted implementation tools ensure that our customers’ business requirements are the drivers of the implementation. Receiving the ideas and concepts from a diverse number of BISAM team members, the Future State Initiative has allowed BISAM to develop a cumulative set of tools to deliver a nonpareil implementation process to its customers.

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