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Posted by Erika Alter, Global Head of Commercial Strategy, BISAM on Feb 16, 2016 9:00:00 AM
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In our 2015 year-end interview with BISAM’s CEO William Haney noted the firm’s evolving collaboration with our customers as his proudest accomplishment during his first year as CEO.

I’m proud of the many steps we have taken toward forging even stronger relationships with our clients and broadening our presence globally and across market segments. This has benefited BISAM across a number of our teams, and ensures we are set up to further innovate for our clients in 2016.

As evident in our current series of Customer Success Stories, BISAM believes that ongoing collaboration with our customers is key to ongoing innovation, further improving our service and support, outlining future product roadmaps and understanding the trends that drive our customers’ thinking and operations. In return, we can continue to enable the world’s leading asset managers to improve operational efficiency, reduce their reliance on manual data management processes, and empower their teams to perform better with accurate and timely investment performance results.*


Click any of the case studies below for a glimpse of our customers’ latest success stories:

Global Insurance Firm automates performance review processes

  • Restructured and redeployed significant resources: 25 FTEs saved across data, calculation and IT teams
  • Reduced delivery time: over 15 days to 5 daysGlobal_Insurance_Firm_Automates_Performance_Review_Processes.jpg
  • Increased reporting frequency: monthly to daily
  • Increased number of portfolios: 500 to 1,200
  • Increased granularity of data: expanded analysis from total portfolio to security level
  • Implemented much-needed audit capabilities
  • Improved data management: able to deploy a data aggregator (Rimes) and data warehouse functionality validation

Asset Manager Becomes GIPS Compliant in Four Months

  • Asset_Manager_Becomes_GIPS_Compliant_in_Four_MonthsReduced delivery time: 18 days to 5 days
  • Increased quality: 1 ETP dedicated to quality
  • Increased reporting volume: from 50 to 100+
  • Implemented much-needed audit capabilities
  • Restructured for a more efficient team: the team originally responsible for just client reporting is now able to manage the entire process: performance measurement, attribution, GIPS and client reporting

Global Asset Manager Increases Its Team’s Productivity

  • Restructured and redeployed resources: 24 to 14 FTEBusiness_Meeting.jpg
  • Greater team productivity: from 23 to 500+ portfolios per analyst
  • Scope of calculation and reporting scaled from 550 to 7800 portfolios
  • Application of a bespoke fixed income attribution methodology: Key rates duration
  • Faster delivery of reporting: 10 to 5 days

Global Asset Manager Improves Its Reporting Capabilities

  • Global_Asset_Manager_Imporves_Its_Reporting_Capabilities.jpgReduced delivery time: 15 days to 2 days
  • Optimized team: 1800 portfolio / team of 25 for analytics and reporting
  • 65 portfolios per team member including client reporting
  • Reduced costs: 3 main systems decommissioned
  • Increased reporting volume: from 500 to 1200+
  • Automated reporting processes
  • Improved efficiency of internal performance data distribution: open-access in 5 days

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