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Spotlight on the B-One Scalability Initiative

In 2016, BISAM launched a new scalability initiative to ensure that as our customers’ processes evolve and their businesses grow, they can confidently rely on B-One to scale with them. We now have a proven process in place to ensure a continuous path of progress so that our customers can successfully scale their operations with their business. Following is an at-a-glance summary that looks at how BISAM’s B-One development team partnered with two particular customers to help them achieve vastly improved operations, processing and response times. You can download the detailed case study via the button below.

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Topics: Support & Implementation

New Age of SaaS - SaaS and Asset Management


Peter Ellis: The growth of SaaS for generic business applications seems to be relentless. Do you see a similar growth pattern in the asset management industry?

Christophe Volard: The asset management industry is not homogeneous, there are different types of asset management organizations such as investment managers, fund administrators, transfer agencies, custodians, consultants/advisors, and asset owners.

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Topics: Technology

To buy or to build, that is the question

Do you have any idea of the number of apps that are available for smartphones and tablets? According to the statistics portal, as of May 2015 there were 1.5 million apps available to Android users and 1.4 million available to Applephiles. I am not shocked that the numbers are in the millions, but these are still astonishing numbers that really bring home the extent to which mobile devices have changed the way that we use application software in our everyday lives.

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Topics: Performance & Attribution