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Eurozone Macro Cap Equities – Prices and Volatilities on the eve of French Elections

What Does the Front Office Need from H­eads of Performance?

Rise of the Robots

Buy Side Risk Europe – “Avoiding crowds and modeling endogenous risk” Discussion Summary

The dust has settled on Fixed Income Attribution

Case Study: Increased Productivity = Enhanced P&A Results

Sneak Peek: Sean Murray at the Upcoming FTF Performance Measurement Americas Conference

MILESTONE: BISAM and FinAnalytica One Year On.

The Elegance of Simplicity: Basic Tenets of Technology

Risk Analysis of the U.S. Dollar Index (DXY)

Infographic: Build A Better Portfolio with Cognity

ETFs and Hidden Risks in your Portfolio

Case Study: End to End Investment Performance Analysis

BISAM Daily Risk Statistics – Post Inauguration Market Observations

Spotlight on the B-One Scalability Initiative

Global asset manager reduces VaR exceedances over multi-asset, multi-currency funds in compliance with UCITS.

BISAM Implementations - Future State Initiative

2016 Year in Review: POINT, Brexit, Elections, Oh My!

A Final Word From Peter Ellis, and a Fond Farewell!

Roundtable Recap: The Unification of Performance and Risk in Practice

Analyzing Volatility, a Cognity Case Study: Assessment of 2008 VIX Short

The VIX, Volatility and Market Risk

"Buy vs Build" in Performance Analytics

Post-Election Analysis: Is the Recent Market Rally Indeed Small-Caps Driven?

Global asset management firm seeks scalable reporting solution that will adapt to its growing and diversifying portfolio

Ask the Expert: Data Governance and Transparency with Lisa Conner

Prepare for the Unexpected - Cognity Daily Risk Statistics

Risk Modeling and Volatility Estimation of the US Fundamental Factor Model Style and Market Factors

GIPS® Compliant Asset Manager Successfully Implements New B-One Reporting Solution

Build a Better Portfolio to Build Better Advisory Relationships

Unification of Performance and Risk: What Should the Industry Expect?

Five Competencies that Investors Should Expect From Their Asset Managers

The Post-POINT Transition Series - Part 3: Decoupling Analytics

Global Asset Manager Successfully Implements B-One for Overnight Reporting & Account Expansion

Risk Modeling for Negative Interest Rates

Most Popular Posts of the Summer - 2016

Ask the Expert: Managed Services with Luciano Mazzella

Ask the Expert: Peter Ellis- The Golden Age of Performance

Q&A With Sean Murray: The Case for Manager Performance Results

Mid-Size Asset Manager Seeks Vendor-Supported Reporting Solution

The Post-POINT Transition Series - Part 2: Data Considerations

"The Most Significant Change in FX Rate Correlations Since the Beginning of the Century" - Observations Pre/Post Brexit

The Post-POINT Transition Series - Part I: Choosing the right application for your firm

Pre- and Post-Brexit Observations  of Fat-Tail vs. Normal VaR Spreads Across the MSCI World Index™

Investment Performance Standards as Matchmaker? Aligning the Goals of the Investor with the Methods of the Manager

Investment Performance and Manager Compensation

Ask the Expert: Data Management with Lisa Conner

Ask the Expert: "Top Down/Bottom Up" Performance Reconciliation with Sean Murray

Fat-tailed Sigma-tized view of the Post-Brexit Markets

TSAM 2016 Performance & Risk Stream – Make Sure You Look For Cutting Edge Capabilities

BISAM Daily Risk Statistics - S&P 500: June 27 Brexit Update

Brexit Study - Augmenting Subjective Stress to Design a Risk Model with Brexit "Mutation Genes"

Buy Side Challenges and Priorities Vary Upon AUM Size

So What's With the Racecars?

Top Five Takeaways from the C-Level Perspective

The Asset Management Industry in 2016 – the C-level Perspective

Know the Risk, Measure the Reward - BISAM at PMAR North America

Risk Webinar Replay: Market Turbulence, Dislocation and Liquidity

Dispatch from the Netherlands: Current Trends and Market Practices in Performance and Risk

Dispatch from's Buy-Side Risk Conference: Turbulence, Dislocation and Liquidity

The Valeant Case Study: Could a Fat-Tailed Market Risk System Have Warned of Valeant’s Fall?

Featured Video: Unifying Performance and Risk

"As Heard" at the FTF Performance Measurement Americas Conference

Snapshot: Market Turbulence Across the MSCI World Index™

Spikes in Volatility – The "New Normal"


The Approach to Multi-Asset Class Attribution

BISAM's Customer Success Stories

The Top Three Mistakes in Client Reporting

Time for a Regulatory Rethink?

Barclays POINT – Filling the Gap

Solvency II & Risk - It's All Granular

Performance, Attribution and Risk - Key Industry Drivers

Pictet AM Interview: The Value of GIPS® Compliance

BI-SAM Insights Blog: Most Popular Posts of 2015

Implementing Performance Systems – Innovations of 2015

Year End Q&A With William Haney, CEO, BI-SAM

Industry Challenges in 2016: Harnessing the Old to Make Way for the New

2015 in Review and a Look Ahead to 2016

Stradegi’s Thoughts from the Recent Asia Pacific Chapter of The Spaulding Group’s Performance Measurement Forum

Fixed Income Attribution – The Edge Is In the Data

Fixed Income Attribution - We Can Make It Easier To Implement

Fixed Income Attribution - Why Do We Make It So Hard For Ourselves?

What Are Your Aspirations for Investment Performance Practices?

Leveraging Investment Performance Teams to Enhance Investment Strategies and Relationship Management

The Investment Risk Knowledge Gap

What's New With GIPS Standards?

What Has Your Performance Application Done for You Lately? Part II: Proving Alpha

What Has Your Performance Application Done for You Lately?

The "Butterfly Effect" in Client Reporting

Data Visualization

The Business Capability Drag

Let the Data People Do the Data

Silence is Golden

Data: the Common Denominator

You Know it’s All About the Data…

New Age of SaaS - SaaS and Asset Management

The New Age of SaaS - SaaS is a growth industry

New Age of SaaS - SaaS applications leverage new technology

The New Age of SaaS

Outsourcing in Asset Management - Looking Beyond Conventional Wisdom

Attribution - Where did it all go wrong?

Asset Management Systems Through the Ages

To buy or to build, that is the question

The Rising Cost of Benchmark Data

Moments of Truth

The Data Drag

Five Aspirations for Performance Analytics

The Power to Perform Better